Tisane Durbon is a delicious tea made from concentrated plant extracts to be taken daily as a preventive measure to help improve fitness and strength. Tisane de Durbon is a golden remedy to keep at home.

In the last century there lived in Grenoble in the heart of the French Alps, a pharmacist who loved to wander over the mountains surrounding the town. there he noticed that the grass and plants grew thickly, and kept the animals fit. So he knew that good health could be restored and preserved through these plants.

After many attempts he finally succeeded in extracting and mixing the juice of certain plants, making a delicious Tisane which, could be used to treat numerous illnesses. Having shown this to be successful in the treatment of many ailments, he founded the Laboratories J Berthier at Grenoble where, for many years, they have manufactured and sold throughout the world. Tisane de Durbon, the famous preparation has been used by millions of people and is still being used with the same success. Do as they do!

Even if you are feeling well, you should take Tisane de Durbon. It will keep you fit and strong. There's health in every bottle so take the cure regularly.

But if you wait until you have constipation, headache, stomach or bowel upsets, skin trouble, read the good advice on this page. Then drink Tisane de Durbon in the doses advised. Of course, you may sometimes need to see your doctor.

When taking Tisane de Durbon regularly it is best to have 1-3 teaspoonfuls daily before meals. Always take a dose before breakfast. You can drink it pure, or mix it with a little water. The dose should be increased or decreased until normal stools are obtained. This is the surest way to avoid constipation, spotty skin and other troubles.

So Drink Your Health Each Day.

Manufactured in Barbados by:
Carlisle Laboratories Ltd,
Under License for
Laurentian Laboratories,
A division of Stella Pharmaceutical Canada Inc,
Ontario, Canada.

Tisane de Durbon is now available by mail order, for delivery in the UK, from London based Ecossentials Ltd.

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